Marcus is a Birmingham, AL based graphic designer and photgrapher who loves to capture the thoughts or ideas of his clients and turn them into tangible creations. He is originally from the small town of Clayton AL. Marcus is married to Kristen W. Glover; together they have two beautiful daughters, Zoë Ana and Noa Abigail Glover.


At a young age, Marcus developed a love for the Arts; music was the first. At the age of 8, Marcus began learning to play the piano and soon began composing and producing music.


Drawing became of interest while watching his father doodle and create mind blowing cartoon characters and pictures. After learning all he could from his father, Marcus began to venture out from drawing and start painting and creating all types of visual concepts on paper and computers. Graphic Design stemmed from his love of creativity and he quickly built a clientele of friends and loved ones to whom he could offer his services.


Within this broad range of clientele, Marcus noticed a trend in the lack of quality pictures being submitted to him for his designs. This brought on what started as a hobby, photography. Through this channel of the Arts, Marcus feels that he can express himself while allowing his clients' ideas to come to fruition.




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